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When you call 1800 ASTHMA, you can ask about a range of topics. At Asthma Australia, we aim to provide people with asthma, or those who care for someone with asthma, with the support they need, right when they need it.

We understand that asthma is different for each person; that’s why our Asthma Educators are ready to listen. We can answer your asthma questions. Want more comprehensive care?

Ask the 1800 ASTHMA Educator or your health care professional about The COACH Program®.

What is The COACH Program®?

The COACH Program® is a confidential, free health coaching service delivered over the phone by Asthma Australia Coaches. The program aims to help people with their general health and wellbeing by better controlling their asthma.

How does it work?

The COACH Program® runs for up to six months, with regularly scheduled calls. Your Coach will contact you by phone, at a time suitable to you. At the end of each session, your Coach will send you a letter recapping the call you have had, any recommendations and the time for your next appointment. Any health care professionals nominated by you will also receive a copy of the letter. All your information is confidential and will not be shared without your consent. You are free to withdraw from the  program at any stage.

Find your asthma answers

Ask our Asthma Educator’s or your health care professional about The COACH Program®.

Your Asthma Coach will support you by:

  • understanding your health needs and providing you with personalised information tailored to your lifestyle
  • identifying gaps in your treatment and recommending a plan to align with best practice treatment guidelines
  • working with you to set and achieve goals for your asthma management
  • offering regular support with the same Asthma Coach each time, you can also ring your Asthma Coach in between sessions if you have any questions or would like further information
  • complementing your existing GP and/or specialist asthma care
  • working with you to achieve good asthma control, which means fewer asthma symptoms

Book a call

Our Asthma Educators are available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm AEST, to answer your questions. 

Asthma Australia (AAL) may use your details to send you information and direct marketing communications regarding AAL products, services, events, fundraising or any other activities we consider may be of interest to you. At no time will your details be provided to a third party for purposes of promoting products, services, events, fundraising or other activities. For full details on AA’s Privacy Policy, please refer to our website here

You can ask us about:

  • Severe asthma
  • What to ask your pharmacist
  • What to ask your doctor
  • Asthma and pregnancy
  • Asthma and smoking

Our Asthma Educators are available via 1800 ASTHMA are trained to assist you with Australian best-practice asthma management and evidence-based information. Some queries may be outside of our scope and we may have to direct your query elsewhere. For example:

Health professional recommendations

Unfortunately, we do not hold a list of preferred health professionals or specialists. Your GP is best placed to offer you recommendations on health professionals in your local area.

Product recommendations

All our information is based on scientific research and as such, we are unable to make product recommendations. This includes recommendations on air purifiers, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, air-conditioners, cleaning products and nebulisers. You can read more about trigger reduction here


We are unable act as representatives or advocates on behalf of individuals. Asthma Australia’s advocacy work is focused on broad, systemwide and environmental issues that impact on consumers. Asthma Australia is resource-limited, so we will advocate strategically in the most effective areas to influence systemwide change to help people with asthma breathe freely. You can read more about our current advocacy work here.


Unfortunately, we cannot help you with accessing subsidies for medical equipment (e.g. nebulisers) or medications. You can read more about the work we are doing to reduce the cost of medicines here.

To speak to someone to determine your eligibility in accessing reduce price medications, contact the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services.