Guidelines for Schools

Asthma management across the national community is generally universal, however, the specific approach to the management of asthma symptoms within education settings, as specified in local regulations, across Australia varies. A recently completed audit aimed to address these variations. 

As such, Asthma Australia, along with education sectors, has worked to develop a single national set of guidelines to ensure currency and consistency in asthma management in schools across the country.

View National Guidelines

By following the Asthma Guidelines for Australian Schools, you can ensure your school is adhering to best practice asthma management that your staff, students and parents will appreciate. 

We take asthma seriously, and so should you! 

If you have any questions about the Asthma Guidelines for Australian Schools or asthma management for your school, call 1800 ASTHMA OR email us at

Additionally, we have a range of free support resources for schools which include: 

  • Information brochures about asthma, asthma and allergies, anxiety and more 
  • Asthma Action Plan templates that you can provide parents 
  • Asthma First Aid posters to download and display in first aid rooms or around the school 
  • Free online training for teaching staff in Asthma First Aid 
  • Device technique videos 
  • Information about asthma medication