Last updated on 06/03/2023

Acclaimed chef Analiese Gregory invited us into her home to talk about why she chooses to cook on induction. 

“Asthma Australia says our homes should be healthy – and I agree,” she says. 

“The transition away from gas is really important.” 

Having worked in restaurants all over the world, the now Tasmanian local is focused on sustainable cooking. 

Electric cooking options, such as induction, are not only quick and effective, but also much better for your health and the environment. 

Gas cooktops release contaminants like nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and small particulates that can be breathed deep into your airways and cross into your bloodstream. 

This makes them a hazard for everyone, but especially people living with asthma. 

In fact, gas cooktops are estimated to contribute to 12% of the childhood asthma burden, which is equivalent to tobacco smoke in the home. 

Analiese Gregory can’t go past the efficiency of induction and uses a portable induction hob that can easily be plugged in when needed. 

“I have a portable induction because it’s fast, it’s cheap and I can take it anywhere with me,” says Analiese. 

“I’m all about creativity and innovation in the kitchen and that means I’m all about induction.” 

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