Last updated on 03/06/2024


Asthma Australia is proud to be sharing the story behind a new Australian invention – the ‘MyAmigo’ asthma inhaler clip, which is now available in stores and online.

Lachlan, My Amigo

Lachlan Youll is a dedicated father of three and a proud member of the Australian Defence Force. He strongly supports spreading awareness about asthma, which comes from his youngest son Charlie being diagnosed with it early on. Like many parents of children with asthma, Lachlan experienced a scary moment with Charlie having an asthma attack which led him to invent and found ‘MyAmigo’. The simple inhaler clip aims to easily attach your asthma reliever to your clothing or bag for quick access in case symptoms strike, taking some worry away from the unpredictable nature of asthma.

Asthma is the  leading burden of disease for children up to 15 years and affects more than 2.7 million Australians. Asthma attacks are serious and claim at least one life every day. For more information on asthma click here.

Asthma attacks can strike unexpectedly, as Lachlan and Charlie experienced during a family beach trip outing.

While enjoying the waves, Charlie suddenly struggled to breathe and was having an asthma attack. He approached Lachlan for help, clutching at his chest.

My Amigo, Lachlan's family

“I didn’t have the puffer on me and couldn’t find it in the bag. Panic set in and I was just like, oh my god, I need to get a puffer,” recalls Lachlan.

“The thing that was extremely hard was carrying my child from where we were to the beach where the lifeguards were. It was the longest 200 metres of my life. Luckily when we got there they had a reliever puffer which they administered to Charlie, which relieved the symptoms and he started to breathe normally again. We were very lucky that day but that run felt like forever and I never wanted to experience that again.”

“As a dad to see your child not breathing was beyond any fear I have ever experienced.”

Not long after, inspiration struck and Lachlan designed a practical solution, the MyAmigo clip concept.

“I could see what I needed to do,” said Lachlan.

“I had to find a way to clip your puffer to your pant strap, or inside your bag so it was with you when you needed it and was easily accessible without adding any extra bulk. Especially if you’re out and about or performing in sport.”

My Amigo in use, puffer

After experiencing Charlie struggling to breathe and witnessing other kids with asthma being held back because of fear of an asthma flare-up, Lachlan had a clear vision. He developed a reliable solution to provide people with asthma with easy access to their reliever puffers, so that they can have the confidence to take part fully in sports and other physical activities without fear.

“The clip’s innovative design, resembling a bridge with ridges for added strength, ensures that it stays securely in place, giving people with asthma the peace of mind they need to pursue their passions,” Lachlan explains.

MyAmigo fits the standard blue/grey asthma reliever puffers. It is made of a sturdy PVC material and is built to last. There are multiple colours available to suit all tastes, including a glow-in-the-dark version for the kids (and kids at heart!). It’s also cost-effective, retailing for about $15.95 for two clips.

“My ultimate goal is to see MyAmigo become a staple accessory for people with asthma,” said Lachlan.

“Also the kids love it. It jazzes up their puffers a little bit, especially the glow-in-the-dark version making it more fun for them.”

The MyAmigo asthma inhaler clip is currently sold at selected Priceline stores and online.

Looking to the future, Lachlan envisions MyAmigo being readily available in sporting goods stores, alongside other essential athletic accessories like water bottles and sports tape. He is looking to move the manufacturing process to Australia this year and is enthusiastic about supporting local businesses and reducing delivery costs.

Asthma Australia would like to add that it’s always preferred to use a spacer device with a reliever puffer for increased effectiveness of the medicine. We know some people find it hard to carry a spacer when doing exercise and many adults use their puffer without one. However, a spacer will still fit on a puffer device with the MyAmigo clip attached. A spacer is recommended for kids every time they use a puffer.

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