Last updated on 07/07/2022


Breathing in cold weather comes with many challenges, particularly for people with asthma. Not only is cold air a trigger for asthma symptoms, but cold weather often coincides with an increase in colds and viruses. Knowing how to breath in a way that looks after our airways can help reduce some breathing problems. It also helps keep our lungs and airways clear of unwanted things like mucus and phlegm. 

Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist, Janet Bondarenko, recently spoke to us about how to best breathe in cold weather. Ms Bondarenko recommends using techniques such as breathing exercises and huffing to keep airways and lungs clear. You can watch her discuss these in more detail in our most recent webinar here: Webinar – Breathing in Cold Weather


How breathing exercises like huffing can help you breathe better this winter 

We have compiled some common questions you may have about breathing in cold air and clearing mucus, along with Ms Bondarenko’s answers, below.