Last updated on 01/03/2022


It’s terrifying for Sally to see her 13-year-old son Tyler struggling to breathe – and even worse for him. Tyler told us:

“My chest and throat feels like it’s clogged up and I can’t get any air through. It’s very stressful and scary.”

Tyler had his first life-threatening asthma attack at three. In primary school, his asthma began setting off panic attacks, which made breathing even harder. Tyler says he’s been rushed to hospital in an ambulance with asthma “lots of times.”

Like millions of other Australians, Tyler’s asthma fills his life with anxiety and fear and stops him from doing the things he loves.

Tyler loves playing soccer and says exercise helps reduce his anxiety. But running around on grass can set off his asthma. He’s often been stopped mid-game by an asthma attack.

Sally has lost count of how often she’s had to race out of work because Tyler is fighting for breath. She told us:

“When he was in Year 6, his school called me and said he was in a bad way. It was horrific. I still get emotional thinking about it two years later.”

In 2020, Sally phoned Asthma Australia’s 1800ASTHMA information line and spoke to an Asthma Educator about Tyler’s medication. She said this support changed everything.

“It was fantastic to speak with someone who knew about the different types of medications available. It made me feel more confident to go to our doctor and advocate for my son.

Since he’s started his new preventer medication, his asthma is the best it’s ever been. It’s like he doesn’t have asthma. It’s a huge relief.”

Tyler’s story shows what a huge difference your care makes for people like him. He told us:

“I haven’t had an asthma attack since I started my new medication. I’m running around at school, and I did cross country without getting asthma. I’m really happy.”

Thank you for supporting people like Tyler and helping them live the lives they want.

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