Last updated on 25/10/2019

Laura Brenner (24), also known as Pinup Doll Australia national finalist Miss Laura Jean, has been supporting Asthma Australia and is now a national finalist for Pin up Doll Australia. Brenner works in real estate property management and moved up from Sydney nearly twelve years ago to live in Cessnock, NSW.  

Miss laura Jean with handmade Asthma Australia brooch design

Since she was a child, Ms Brenner has suffered from asthma, eczema, hay fever and allergies to dust mites and grass, and experienced her first asthma attack when she was only five years old. Last year, Ms Brenner contracted influenza B which started out as asthma. Brenner stated she had forgotten how scary an asthma attack could be, as asthma is just so hiddenOne of Asthma Australia’s main priorities is raising awareness and knowledge about asthma treatment and prevention, and Ms Brenner has been helping us to achieve this through fundraising with Everyday Herothe Pinup Doll competition, and selling her wonderful handmade Asthma Australia brooches and magnets.  

Ms Brenner began participating in Pinup Doll competitions five years ago when she and her parents who own and show vintage cars thought it would be a fun idea to add to the atmosphere of car shows by dressing up. Since starting, Ms Brenner has performed commendably in big shows around Australia and has even built her own 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air two door pillared sedan imported from Los Angeles to take with her to shows. Her family has also purchased an original 1950’s house and have filled it with 1950’s memorabilia, as they value the happiness and vibrancy items from the 50’s hold. Ms Brenner’s mother has also started to get involved in attending shows with her as a lovely mother daughter duo. Laura Brenner National Finalist Pinup Doll Australia

Through Pin up Doll Australia in conjunction with Everyday Hero, raffles with Pinup Doll and selling brooches and magnets Ms Brenner has raised over $2000 for Asthma Australia. If you would like to purchase a balloon brooch or magnet, please message Miss Laura Jean on Facebook or purchase through Everyday Hero, and they will be posted to you with a receipt. Each brooch and magnet is handmade with care. 

Thank you so much to Laura Brenner for your amazing support for Asthma Australia. With your support, we can continue our work to support people with asthma to breathe better and live a life without limits. We couldn’t do it without you!  

See Laura’s video explainer here to why she fundraised for Asthma Australia.