The Australian Government has commenced the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program. This is welcome news for all Australians as we hope to continue to maintain control of this disease and rebuild our livelihoods and social networks. 

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There are two vaccines that are available within Australia’s program:  

The Australian Government aims to have as many people vaccinated as possible in 2021. They have identified priority groups who will get the first available safe and effective doses of vaccines. You can learn more about priority groups for the vaccine here. 

You can also use the online eligibility checker. 

What does this mean for people with asthma?

For people with asthma, we understand there may be concerns around the vaccine, i.e., should people with asthma get the vaccine, what are the side effects, will it worsen asthma symptoms, will it interfere with other medicines you may be taken, what are the long term impacts 

We recently ran an online questionnaire, asking you to share your vaccine concerns as a person with asthma We’ve responded to these concerns via our COVID-19 vaccine FAQs. 

Rest assured, currently there are no concerns relating to asthma or its treatment that have been reported from the trials or from the millions of doses already administered globally. There is also no reason to suggest that people with severe asthma that take monoclonal antibody drugs (e.g. Fasenra, Nucala, Xolair) should avoid these vaccines.  

In summary

Asthma Australia strongly supports the COVID-19 vaccination program being rolled out in Australia. 

People with asthma, including people with severe asthma, should feel confident about accessing these vaccines alongside other Australians. 

Should you still have questions and concerns about the vaccine and your asthma management, we encourage you to speak with your doctor, call one of our Asthma Educators on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) and take a look at the information available on the government website