PhD Scholarships
We invite PhD supervisors to apply for one of two PhD Scholarships to support their research group and answer important questions about the prevention or amelioration of asthma in children 

Asthma Australia is dedicated to contributing to vital asthma research to realise our vision of finding solutions to reduce the impact of asthma. We recognise there are many ways to do this, including support of upcoming researchers to foster their creativity and nurture their interest in asthma towards becoming future asthma leaders. 

We are excited to announce two three-year PhD scholarship grant opportunities. These grants are available for supervisors to apply for, to then select and award to PhD students commencing their studies.  

The PhD scholarship grants are aimed towards answering important questions related to childhood asthma development and asthma burden. We are pleased to invite applications from research supervisors which directly address one or more of the following three questions: 

  • What modifiable risk factors can change the onset and severity of asthma in children (for example, diet and microbiome)?  
  • What interventions can be applied to known risk factors to modify the onset of childhood asthma?  
  • How do asthma symptoms in children impact health (for examples growth, development, wellbeing)? What can be done to overcome these impacts?  

These questions have been derived from the leading priority theme in Asthma Australia’s new National Asthma Research Program, Asthma in Children which reflect the priorities of people with asthma, their carers, and health professionals. 

We are inspired to work with teams who are best equipped to answer these questions in meaningful ways.  

Information for Applicants  

Grant Type  PhD funding for supervisor / research group  
Priority Area  Asthma in Children – Primary Prevention 


The application must articulate how it addresses one (or more) of the questions outlined above.  

Location  National  
Total amount Available  $135,000 per grant over three years  

Two grants available 

  • Lead an established research team in an established NHMRC registered research institution 
  • Ensure the appointment of an appropriately qualified PhD candidate in the research project to conduct the research within 6 months of being awarded the grant, unless discussed with Asthma Australia at the time of application  
  • Be conducting research in Australia  
Applications open  Wednesday 20th September  
Applications close  Midnight Wednesday 22nd November 2023 AEDT 

No late applications excepted.  

Relevant documents  Guide for Applicants and Assessment Criteria 

PhD Application Form

Consumer Review Form


Any questions please contact