Asthma Champion

Champion for asthma

Your voice matters in championing change for asthma.

We understand asthma is not a one size fits all condition. There’s a diverse range of issues affecting people with asthma and their loved ones which need solving. By being an Asthma Champion, you can help us find ways to address these issues and influence change. This means you can expect more than being involved in a media story when you connect with us. People are central to all we do from co-designing health programs, new tech and being a lead part of our advocacy work.  You can expect to be part of the conversation.

We look forward to standing with you as an Asthma Australia, Asthma Champion to help all Australians breathe better.

Become an Asthma Champion

We’d like to hear from you and what’s brought you here. We kindly ask you to choose topics relevant to you or what you’d like to support.

Seriousness & stigma of asthma
Self-management – medication use, education and support
Clinical care – GPs, hospitals and specialists
Air quality and pollution
Cost of medications
Hazard reduction burn / bushfire smoke management
Allergies, pollen and hay fever
Flu, viruses and other infections
Weather - storms, temperature, climatic change
Thunderstorm asthma
Indoor triggers – mould, dust mites, pet dander, cleaning products
Wellbeing - exercise, nutrition, mental health etc.
Asthma in pregnancy
In schools
In sports clubs and events
Childhood asthma
Adolescent asthma
Severe asthma
Asthma Australia services, training and programs
Fundraising activities, appeals
Tech, research and new studies

What is your connection to asthma?

I have asthma
I care for someone with asthma
I lost a loved one to asthma
I look after people with asthma as part of my job
I have another connection to asthma

Tick what is applicable to you:

I live in a capital city
I live in a regional centre
I live rurally or remotely
I mostly speak a language other than English at home
I identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent
Have asthma and a co-morbidity/illnesses
Over 65
I have severe asthma
I consent to the following:

  • To be contacted for media purposes
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  • The use of my materials in Asthma Australia’s publications or business products (annual report, e-newsletters, speeches, funding submissions)
  • To be contacted by Asthma Australia for business and fundraising purposes
  • To be contacted about related opportunities other than Asthma Australia-owned products or media

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