Asthma Week is Australia’s pinnacle awareness raising week for asthma held annually from 1-7 September

This is our week to put a spotlight on asthma – in your home, in your community, in the clinical setting and ensure it remains a national health priority.

Asthma Week 2019 is themed Asthma in Disguise.  Are you sneeze’n and wheeze’n?

Asthma Week starts at the turn of spring when hay fever symptoms strike and millions of Australians sneeze and wheeze. Asthma and hay fever affect a large cohort of Australians, 1 in 9 and 1 in 5 respectively. With 80% of people with asthma having hay fever too, hay fever symptoms can mask asthma, making it harder to manage.


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We’re releasing helpful information each day during Asthma Week to help Aussies beat the dreaded sneeze’n wheeze for a happier and healthier spring period. Check out our NEW blog here for our daily posts.

To promote Asthma Week, you can:

If you’re a Pharmacist or General Practitioner, this year we’re helping you to determine if hay fever symptoms are disguising asthma in your patients and providing you with services and resources to help your patients manage it.


Download your Asthma Week resources to be prepared for your 1 in 9:

  • For pharmacies, click here.
  • For GPs, click here.