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Community Events

Play for Purpose: Play for Purpose is a not-for-profit raffle raising money for Asthma Australia. With a one in 34 chance of winning $500,000 worth of prizes, and a minimum of 50% of every ticket sold going directly to Asthma Australia, Play for Purpose is the ultimate win-win raffle. Click here to start fundraising!



Bake Sale: For a donation hold a bake sale at morning tea and lunch – this is a great way for kids and parents to fundraise together and get everyone involved!

Talent Show: Donation from the proceeds of the tickets to watch the talent show. Another great way for parents, kids and even teachers to get involved!



Bring your own lunch: Encourage everyone to make lunch at home and donate what they would have spent on buying food that day.

Fitness Challenge or Games: Get creative with fun physical challenges – you could organise teams to compete in a push up contest or even a relay race! Games such as Pictionary and Charades are non-fitness alternatives that can still involve teams.

Raffle: The prizes could be a free lunch, gift vouchers for coffee, prime parking spots and more! Be as creative as you like.


New Ideas?

If you have a creative fundraising idea we haven’t mentioned here, let us know on our social media! We can’t wait to see your amazing fundraiser. Start fundraising today to support our work in caring for people with asthma. If you require further support for your fundraiser please contact us here.