Asthma Week 2021


Hey Australia, it’s time to think differently about what we’re breathing in.

Asthma Week is on 1-7 September – so get involved

2.7 million of us are living with asthma (1 in 9).  With air pollution being a regular thing we breathe in, the risks and impacts for people with asthma are getting harder. But it’s not just people with asthma who are impacted.  Air pollution, from traffic exhaust to your gas cook-top, can be damaging our lungs and your general health. When we breathe in certain air pollutants, the risk of developing conditions like asthma, heart or lung disease and cancer can increase. Didn’t know? That’s okay.

This Asthma Week (1-7 September) Asthma Australia has joined forces with key respiratory, health and climate organisations to encourage Aussies like you, to care as much about the air you breathe as the food you eat.

The Asthma Week Collaborative is launching – ‘Air Nutrition – you are what you breathe – to educate Australians to think differently about the air we’re breathing in and to take simple steps to reduce our intake for a healthier life.

Get behind it – Air Nutrition campaign materials to use and share

The Asthma Week Collaborative, together with Asthma Australia is proud to present Asthma Week 2021.

Air Nutrition Poster

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About Air Nutrition

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Air Nutrition Campaign Kit

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