Asthma Australia recommends three apps to assist people with asthma and their carers.  Find out more about why we love each app, how it can help you, and where to download it.

Asthma First Aid App

The Asthma First Aid App is your go-to tool for an asthma emergency. It covers both first aid in the event of an asthma emergency, plus the ability to review each of the four first aid steps. This app is an educational tool developed by Asthma Australia for people with asthma, their families and carers. It provides easy access to the asthma first aid steps in both live and training versions.

The app is perfect for family, friends, school, childcare, sport and recreation and allows you to:

  • follow the asthma first aid steps live in ATTACK mode
  • learn the asthma first aid steps in training review mode
  • review the asthma first aid steps, using a sample of scenarios, in training scenario mode

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Menzies’ Asthma App

lung appLearning about asthma has just become a lot easier for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and health practitioners thanks to a new interactive app.

The app, produced by the Menzies School of Health Research’s (Menzies) Child Health Division, uses interactive images, audio, and quizzes to teach people about asthma and are available in eight different languages used in northern and central Australia.

The asthma app is the first of a suite of respiratory-health educational apps called “Lung Health for Kids”.

Languages included in the app include English, Tiwi, Murrinh Patha, Yolngu Matha, Kriol, Ptijantatjara, Western Arrente and Warlpiri. For those interested in having their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language included, contact the asthma app team via email

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Airsmart – The Australian App For Air Quality

AirSmart puts all the information about the air you breathe directly into the palm of your hand. Get the free AirSmart App now and make the invisible visible. By knowing what’s in the air, AirSmart can better protect your health and help you safely plan your day.

What’s in the air around you, including chemicals, smoke and dust, can get into your lungs and affect your health and how you live your life. While there is no safe level of exposure to air pollution for anyone, some people are more sensitive to air pollution than others.

We want all Australians to become AirSmart. Being AirSmart means you have the right information in the palm of your hand to understand what your local air quality is like, how it affects your health, and when to avoid it. These simple steps can go a long way towards your health and wellbeing.

AirSmart is a proud initiative of Asthma Australia.

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Other recommended apps

If smoke or poor air quality is among your asthma triggers, we recommend downloading the AirRater app.

AirRater is a free, award-winning smartphone app that was developed by a team at the University of Tasmania. The app is designed to help people with asthma, hay fever or other lung conditions to better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

AirRater does this by providing easily accessible, real-time and local information on key environmental triggers of asthma, such as bushfire smoke. It also allows you to track symptoms and identify which conditions impact your health. The app will also send you alerts when the air quality is poor, helping you understand when you need to take action.

The app is already available in Tasmania and the ACT, where it is supporting over 10,000 users to better manage their health.

With NT Government funding, it is now freely available across the Northern Territory.

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Kiss my Asthma

Due to the significant age of the technology powering Kiss myAsthma, from the 4th of September 2023, we will be removing the app from all stores whilst we spend time building a new interactive asthma support program, accessible from your smart phone. This will have the same functionality as the Kiss myAsthma app and more.

While we are building this revitalised and improved new digital asthma management offering, please use Asthma Australia’s existing services, such as 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) to Book a Call and speak with an Asthma Educator.

For more information on the closure of the Kiss myAsthma app click here to see the joint statement from the University of Sydney and Asthma Australia.

Kiss my asthma development team

Lorraine Smith – Study Leader, Associate Professor of Pharmacy, University of Sydney
Juliet M. Foster – Research Psychologist, The Woolcock Institute
Rafael A. Calvo – Professor of Software Engineering, University of Sydney
Susan Sawyer – Chair of Adolescent Health, University of Melbourne
Sharon Davis – Study Manager – University of Sydney
Dorian Peters – User Experience & Interface Designer – University of Sydney
Yunyao Yao – App Developer – University of Sydney

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