How to Manage Asthma Symptoms

We want people with asthma to live free from their symptoms. How you take care of your symptoms will affect how well your asthma is managed.

The first step in managing your asthma is knowing:

  • what your symptoms are
  • how to treat your symptoms
  • how to avoid triggering your symptoms.

Knowing how bad or how often you get asthma symptoms will help you and your doctor to better understand how to treat them.

A written Asthma Action Plan from your doctor will also help you to organise this information all in one place.

To keep track of your symptoms, you can use an app such as Kiss My Asthma or use the Calendar or Notes app on your phone to record them. A good tip is to assign the symptoms to different calendar colours. You can also create a simple table on a page or use sticky notes to track your symptoms. You can record your symptoms over several days or a couple of weeks before visiting your doctor.


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