Breathe Better In The Gong

Breathe Better in the Gong

The Breathe Better in the Gong project aims to create an Asthma Smart Community in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Commencing in April 2023 and continuing for three years, the project is funded by the Pearl Sheppard Fund.

Well-known community figures, Mont and Pearl Sheppard were involved with the Wollongong Branch of Asthma Foundation NSW. Mont was the first President of the Wollongong branch, and Pearl was a dedicated fundraiser. Their efforts led to the establishment of a pool and a swimming program which lasted over several decades providing children the opportunity to improve their asthma.
To honour Mont and Pearl’s work, this new project will focus on children aged five to nine years old, as asthma has the greatest impact on this group.

Like the Sheppards, Asthma Australia wishes to work directly with the community, to ensure the Breathe Better in the Gong project meets the needs of children and their families and carers and ultimately, really makes a difference.

  • Local organisations and groups will work together as part of a special co-design Project Development Committee (PDC). Members of the committee include:
  • Community members
  • Education Department, universities and schools
  • Primary Health Network
  • Local Health District (NSW Health) and their community and hospital asthma programs
  • GPs and pharmacists
  • First Nations and multicultural organisations.

Key community-led/focused activities in the next months

  • Consulting with children, their families and carers
  • Holding a co-design session with the Project Development Committee; with families of children with asthma
  • Forming a Strategic Partnership Group to identify systems issues that impact children with asthma and support sustainability and
  • Identifying, designing and testing the feasibility of potential project interventions
  • Promoting the project via print, social and radio media

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Where:  Tarawanna Public School, 33 Kendall St Tarrawanna

When:  Workshop 1

10am – 1pm, Thursday 26 October 2023

When: Workshop 2

10am – 1pm, Thursday 9 November 2023

Street parking available after 9.15am

Light refreshments provided.

Asthma Smart Community Schools in Wollongong

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