Applications open for Fellowship Grant in digital health

Applications open for Fellowship Grant in digital health

We invite Australian researchers to apply for a fellowship grant to the value of $200,000 ($100,000 per year) to fund a 2-year program of work investigating and advancing the role of digital health strategies for the benefit of people with asthma.

Digital health is a rapidly growing area with potential to complement ‘bricks and mortar’ healthcare and enable people with asthma and related chronic diseases to make great progress in the self-management of their disease. Self-management strategies have long been a part of asthma management guidelines in Australia, to empower consumers with the information and tools to control their disease, achieve their health goals and to live freely. Whilst there has been much effort and progress in improving the availability of information and education resources for consumers (at least those in the mainstream) to support self-management, the development, integration and sustainability of tools and enablers needs attention.

The role of digital health has recently been accentuated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where people with chronic respiratory diseases including asthma have experienced great disadvantage in accessing health services, interfering with recommended chronic disease management. Whilst it won’t solve all problems for all people, we believe digital health has an important and overdue role for people with asthma.

But what is digital health? Can it be accessible to all, irrespective of postcode? Can it support health literacy, empower consumer involvement in their care, and improve health outcomes for people with asthma?  How might it enable more personalised and holistic care?  What role can digital health play in supporting quality of care for people forced to have virtual consultations for their chronic health needs? Or in empowering a broader health workforce via enabling decision support functionality?   How might it assist in connecting currently disparate parts of the healthcare system?

About the Fellowship Grant

Asthma Australia has a strong history of supporting the career development of asthma researchers and we intend to continue to build on this legacy. This fellowship grant opportunity is intended to contribute to the expenses of a research fellow as they undertake a high-quality program of work investigating the above and other relevant questions. The successful candidate will be supported by an established research institution who will guarantee the environment to enable the successful candidate to complete a high-quality program of research in digital health.

During the fellowship, the researcher is expected to produce high quality publications in international peer reviewed journals, submit external research funding applications and participate in research training. Six monthly progress reports will be required.

Asthma Australia is committed to seeing translation and sustainable potential of the work into policy or practice change for people with asthma. At the conclusion of the fellowship the applicant may be invited to work with Asthma Australia on implementation of results into policy or practice change for people with asthma, as relevant.


Information for applicants

Grant Type Asthma fellowship grant
Priority Area Digital health
Location National
Amount Available $200,000 excl GST ($100,000 per year for 2 years)
Eligibility See Fellowship Grant Guide for Applicants
Application dates

No late applications accepted

Applications open: 1st November 2021

Applications close: Monday 31st January 2022 11:59pm

Relevant documents Fellowship Grant Full Application form

Fellowship Grant: Guide for applicants

Consumer Review Form