The Spirometry Learning Module (SLM) is a novel spirometry training initiative designed and developed by the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network. The SLM provides health professionals with the expertise, practical skills, and confidence necessary to obtain high quality measurements and reliably interpret spirometry results.

Module outline

The SLM comprises a web-based component, one four-hour face-to-face practical session and an ongoing evaluation of competency with feedback to participants.

  • The online elements include interactive presentations and filmed segments, questionnaires, assessments, frequently asked questions and useful links and resources.
  • The practical sessions are facilitated by respiratory scientists and use an interactive and practical approach to outline the fundamentals of spirometry measurement and interpretation.
  • The evaluation of competency requires participant assessments of patient spirometry measurements to be periodically submitted to a respiratory scientist for review and evaluation. Feedback to participants of the accuracy of these assessments will be provided for a maximum of 12 weeks.


The Spirometry Learning Module is presented by Respiratory and Pulmonary Health Professionals.


$450 incl. GST


  • 8 weeks online learning
  • Face to face session 9:00am – 1:30pm
  • Respiratory Scientist Feedback for up to 12 weeks post face-to-face session