white magicAs Australia’s No1 supplier of chemical free cleaning products, White Magic is excited and grateful to continue to partner with Asthma Australia.

Chemical use in the home is often a trigger for asthma and other respiratory conditions, so a partnership between White Magic and Asthma Australia is a win – win for both organisations.

The partnership dates back to 2016 and has helped Asthma Australia to increase knowledge about asthma treatment and prevention through information, education, resources and tools.

White Magic has provided free of charge hundreds of thousands of Asthma First Aid fridge magnets that have been distributed through White Magic product sales as well as through Asthma Australia education packs.

White Magic also has sponsored 1800 Asthma for many years

About White Magic

White Magic was established in 2003 with a mission to sell effective, affordable, chemical free cleaning products. Over the last 18 years we have developed Australia’s No1 range of a chemical free cleaning product for all hard surfaces in the home.

White Magic Eco Cloths have been proven to pick-up 99.9% of bacteria with only water and to machined washed at least 500 times. The Eco Cloth range is a perfect cleaning tool for someone suffering with asthma as they can replace chemical cleaners and their fumes that can trigger asthma symptoms.

On a personal note, Craig Jones, the director of White Magic has two sons who have both suffered from asthma and knows the powerless feeling of sitting next to your child in a hospital bed as they struggle to breath. White Magic’s partnership with Asthma Australia is a personal matter and if we can assist one person whose loved one is having an asthma attack, then we have succeeded.

White Magic will continue to develop chemical-free cleaning products and the full range can be purchased through the online store.