Asthma in Schools

Help schools support young people and staff to confidently manage asthma

Asthma Australia has been funded by the Commonwealth Government to develop a new national package of training and resources for primary and secondary schools. The program aims to increase asthma awareness and knowledge and help schools support young people and staff to confidently manage asthma.

Over the next few months, there will be a range of opportunities for students, school leaders, staff, parents, carers and other education personnel to provide input into the program so that it meets the needs of the whole school community.

If you would like to be directly involved contact Asthma Australia here. Or keep up to date with program developments and all things asthma with the Asthma in Schools newsletter.

Back to School Asthma

Every year there is a well-documented rise in asthma flare-ups when children return to school after the school holidays. This results in a significant increase in Emergency Department visits, hospitalisations and days off school.

Not only is this unsettling for children as they start a new year at school, but often it impacts on time off work for the parents/carers also. In light of the recent poor air quality due to bushfires children with asthma are especially susceptible to an asthma flare-up.

Learn more about Back to School and what you can do to help stop this trend and reduce the risk of asthma flare-ups when children return to school.

School-related Resources

If you’re looking for any other school-related resources, please contact us here to request them. 


Many states and territories have asthma management guidelines, policies and procedures. An audit of these has occurred and recommendations are being developed about how best to provide a single national set of guidelines that ensures consistency of asthma management in schools across the country. If you are looking for the Asthma Guidelines for Queensland or Victorian Schools or any other school-related resources, please email us here for a copy or access via the link below.

Asthma Guidelines for QLD Schools


Asthma Australia provides quality online training specifically for schools as part of the program. The training is nationally consistent, based on expert advice, and has been informed by education staff.

You will learn about:

  • signs and symptoms
  • triggers
  • medications
  • policies
  • Asthma Action Plans
  • emergency kits
  • first aid

For more information and to learn about the range of training options available click here.

The Schools Asthma Health Check

This will be an online, user-friendly package of resources which includes:

  • best practice asthma management policy,
  • staff training,
  • Asthma Action Plans
  • emergency kits
  • medication management
  • support resources.

Services for Preschools and Child Care Centres

Asthma Australia will continue to provide training and resources for children’s services, but Asthma Friendly Children’s Services is no longer available. You can call Asthma Australia Asthma Educators on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) during office hours to provide support and answer any questions about managing a child with asthma.

For more information about our activities within schools contact us via email here.

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