Preventive Health

Preventive health includes the promotion and maintenance of health, prevention of illness, early detection of disease, and preventing disease progression and additional complications. We believe that preventive health is a fundamental measure to prevent disease and promote good health.  We support the development of the National Preventive Health Strategy under the Australian Government’s Long Term National Health PlanWe believe that without such reform, and without increased and sustained investment in preventive health, our health system will continue to be reactive, treating people whose acute health conditions could have been avoided with earlier intervention. 

We have made the following submissions with respect to preventive health reform:

  • Consultation on the Draft National Preventive Health Strategy, April 2021 (Federal)
    • This submission was completed via an online survey


 Primary Health Care

We support the fundamental premise of primary health care, that everyone deserves access to the right care, at the right place, at the right time. We welcome the development by the Australian Government Department of Health of the Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan, another main objective of the Government’s Long Term National Health Plan.   

We believe that reform of Australia’s primary health care system is important because demand for primary health care is increasing. Accessible high-quality primary health care improves population health, and reform to the primary health care system will address the longstanding challenges that are currently undermining population health and wellbeing. Investment in primary health care also promotes social justice and equity, which in turn protects and enhances the public’s health and contributes to social and economic development.   

Reforming Australia’s primary health care system to create a strong and modern system will also improve asthma outcomes. Australia has high rates of hospital presentations for chronic conditions, including asthma. Asthma is common, and places a large burden on the community, especially children. We consider that current asthma outcomes are sub-optimal, and more can be done to improve these outcomes.  

We have made the following submissions with respect to primary health care reform:

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