Asthma Australia is committed to and energised by our vision that no one experience a life restricted by asthma. We work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to achieve a better future for people with asthma, including people with asthma and their carers, health professionals, non-government organisations, governments, researchers and industry. 

We determine our advocacy priorities using a range of insights to ensure our we reflect the needs of people with asthma, their carers and communities while taking advantage of external opportunities to create change. These insights come from consumers contacting us through our 1800 Asthma telephone service and our social and digital channels, as well as regular consultation with our Consumer Advisory Council and Professional Advisory Council  

Our advocacy priority areas are:  

  • Air quality  
  • Climate change 
  • Housing 

Our advocacy work includes: 

  • Providing advice on policy and regulatory issues to elected representatives, government agencies and health sector stakeholders 
  • Developing policy position statements based on research and analysis, 
  • Participating in policy consultations, and  
  • Advocating for policy reforms to create change.