Asthma Australia is a for-purpose, consumer organisation with a history of improving the lives of people with asthma since 1962. We have a bold mission to help people breathe so that they can live freely. 

We lead education and training in evidence-based prevention and health strategies to more than half a million people each year across Australia. 

We work with people with asthma, their carers, health professionals, researchers, and governments. We find the best treatments and practices to make sure life with asthma is the best it can be. 

In 2018, we formed the Asthma Australia Consumer Advisory Council as part of our Consumer Engagement Strategy with an aim to better engage with consumers and carers.  We are strongest when we share information, and those closest to people with asthma share information with us. 

Our Consumer Advisory Council has been fundamental in our strategic direction, and we thank them for the critical role they play in advising, informing, and guiding Asthma Australia, its Board, and management. 

You can find our Consumer Advisory Council’s purpose and objectives, roles and responsibilities, guiding principles and membership composition, as well as the terms of reference here.


Members of Asthma Australia’s Consumer Advisory Council



Judith Wettenhall

Judith Wettenhall is the Chair of the Holbrook Local Health Advisory Committee, a role she has held for more than a decade.

She operates a farm in southern New South Wales and teaches in a casual role in a local school, where she has presented the Asthma Foundation’s Asthma Education package to teachers and students.

Ms Wettenhall holds a Graduate Certificate in Asthma Education and herself has asthma.


Martin Beaupark

Martin Beaupark is an experienced aircraft maintenance worker with QANTAS.

He is a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force and a proud Aboriginal man, a descendant of the Ngugi tribe and Quandamooka people of North Stradbroke Island.

Mr. Beaupark has two children with asthma.


Tracy Ellem

Tracy Ellem is an educator in Asthma and Anaphylaxis management and First Aid.

With a background in early childhood education, she specialises in early intervention, especially working with vulnerable families as a peer support facilitator.

She has broad experience working with not for profit, private companies, and government sectors. Ms. Ellem experiences allergies and has a child who has asthma.


Kym Holden

Kym Holden is an advocate for asthma education, for people with asthma and those who care for them.

She has a long association with the Health Consumers Forum and ACT Asthma. Ms. Holden was involved in the territory-based organisation merging with Asthma Australia.

Ms. Holden has a strong family link to asthma. She says the importance of asthma education was highlighted following a personal experience with asthma that required her to be hospitalisation in the intensive care unit.


Kate Garvey


“Hi, I live in Hobart, Tasmania, and have lived with asthma all my life. I have three children one of whom has brittle asthma. Through my experiences, I understand that needs for support around asthma change throughout our lives and that asthma support is delivered in a variety of settings.


In my work in the health sector both as a clinician and policymaker, I engage with the community and a range of organisations around health and wellbeing. I have listened to people’s stories about receiving great support that has enabled them to live fully, but also about services that have fallen short or where there have been no services at all.

My role includes supporting research, such as improving air quality and creating smoke-free environments and the role of health literacy in improving people’s health.

I look forward to working with Asthma Australia and fellow Council members.


Helen Murray

Helen Murray is a retired nurse who has worked as a service provider in both public and private sectors, in paediatric practice and in aged care.

She has served as a committee member, a researcher, and an advocate, notably for people living in regional and remote areas. She has undertaken a number of volunteer roles in community organisations, sporting and arts groups.

Ms. Murray developed asthma as an adult and commends the services of the former Asthma Foundation in South Australia.


Lynda Whiteway

Lynda Whiteway is an experienced advocate in the health sector.

She performed the voluntary role of Queensland Cancer Fund Community Educator, informing consumers about prevention and early detection of some cancers, and influenced the expansion of the SunSmart schools project on the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay.

She is a member of the Making Care Better Group based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital encompassing the Central Adelaide Local Health Network Hospitals. 

Lan Tran

Dr. Lan Tran

Lan Tran is a lead veterinarian and a member of the Standard of Care Committee for National Veterinary Care (Melbourne).

She is involved in a range of community activities, including as Balwyn North Primary School councilor and President of the Mong Non-Vietnamese Language School committee.

Dr. Tran has asthma and has a child with asthma, and knows the importance of good asthma control.





Board Representatives


James Wright

James Wright is the Chief Investment Officer at JBWere, managing the Markets and Investment Strategy Group, a position he has held since 2013.

Mr. Wright has a strong finance background in strategy, economics and portfolio management, including a previous position as ING Investment Management Chief Investment Officer and Head of Equities where he was on the Asian Leadership Team. Previous roles include the Treasury Corporation of Victoria and the Commonwealth Treasury, in Canberra.

He has been active in Asthma Foundation New South Wales and Asthma Australia roles since 2014. He has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from Monash University.


Simone Carton

Simone Carton is CEO of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine, a specialist medical society that promotes the practice of palliative medicine and facilitates professional development and support for its members.

Prior to this role, Simone was a corporate lawyer and company secretary for the Advertising Standards Bureau and Australian Advertising Standards Council and has worked in a diverse range of legal, governance, and operational roles across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Simone has experience as a director on the Boards of the former Asthma Foundation ACT and the Australian Multiple Birth Association. As a parent of children with asthma, Simone also has personal experience with the challenges facing people with asthma and values the important support Asthma Australia provides.



“A severe asthmatic myself I have always had a passion for asthma education and advocacy.

As a member of Asthma Australia and the Consumer Advisory Council, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to really make a positive contribution through the lived experience of an asthmatic’s life. Being part of the council has allowed me to play an active role in shaping the future of Asthma Australia’s rebranding and commitment to being a patient/consumer centered organisation. I feel extremely valued as a councilor and I am both humbled and proud of the achievements the council has accomplished in such a short time.

I would highly recommend anyone who is passionate about change and helping all asthmatics to live freely, to consider joining the council as you will foster amazing friendships while enduring a huge sense of self-satisfaction for the time and energy you give.” CAC Member Julia Ovens.