Last updated on 28/05/2019

On Monday 28 May 2019, ABC’s Media Watch ran a segment on a Channel Seven News Story which aired on 28 April 2019 and also appeared on the following edition of Weekend Sunrise. Asthma Australia was misled into participating in the story, as detailed by the below statement, shared with Media Watch.

“Asthma Australia enjoys strategic, ethical, productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with the corporate sector. Through various methods of support, partnerships provide opportunities for our organisation to build Asthma Australia’s brand and community awareness, therefore improving the impact we are able to have on the lives of the 2.7 million Australians who live with asthma.

We do not enter into partnerships where endorsement of a product or service is required.

We are proud to partner with a range of corporate partners to assist us in reaching our goals to support people with asthma through our programs and services.

Asthma Australia participated in the story in question after a direct request from the Channel 7 journalist. Asthma Australia agreed to source a family to share their story, alongside our CEO who spoke to some of the common indoor air quality issues experienced by people with asthma. At no time did we know, or were informed, that the story was linked to a product.

Where product related advice is given to consumers by AA, we ensure that it is evidence-based, we are clear about what we know and do not know about potential product benefit; and supports the consumer to make an informed choice.”