Last updated on 26/10/2023


Asthma Australia welcomes the release of State Electricity Commission’s (SEC) 12-year strategic plan and says it will improve the respiratory health of Victorians by reducing harmful emissions.  

Following the Victorian Government’s recent announcement to ban gas connections in new homes, SEC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2035 will help all Victorian homes transition to electrification, powered by renewable energy. 

Asthma Australia CEO Michele Goldman said removing gas will eliminate a dangerous source of indoor air pollution, helping reduce asthma risk.   

“Air pollution is a leading global health risk and it’s caused by non-renewable energy emissions. It’s a cause of asthma, respiratory disease, and contributes to climate change,” said Ms Goldman. 

“We applaud SEC for leading our country towards tackling this issue with a practical plan that will help people achieve an all-electric home from renewable energy sources.” 

Indoor air pollution from non-renewable household appliances like gas cooktops and heaters is a major risk of asthma here in Australia. Despite this, about 50% of homes still prefer a gas cooktop, according to Asthma Australia’s recent Homes, Health and Asthma Report.  

Invisible and odourless emissions from gas cooktops include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, estimated to be responsible for up to 12% of Australia’s childhood asthma burdeni. 

“Under this plan, we hope thousands of people will be protected from asthma at home simply by replacing gas cooktops with affordable, healthier electric alternatives,” Ms Goldman added.  

Asthma Australia’s Homes, Health and Asthma Report found that three in ten people have worse asthma or allergy symptoms when they are at home.   

The findings of the Report have led Asthma Australia to lobby governments to adopt practical policies that support people towards healthier homes.  

Asthma Australia supports the leadership of SEC in leading our nation toward a better future.  

You can view the Homes, Health and Asthma Report here.