Asthma Week 2021 Collaborative

The Asthma Week Collaborative, together with Asthma Australia is proud to present Asthma Week 2021.
Air Nutrition – You are what you breathe


This year’s Asthma Week could not have happened without broad support from across our health and climate sector.

We’d also like to acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government Department of Human Services, New South Wales Department of Health and broad collaborative support from state government environmental and health departments.

This campaign has been developed by the creative geniuses at OGILVY who generously provided us with ongoing expertise to deliver this campaign.

We are also very grateful to people with asthma, particularly our Asthma Champions, who have lent their time and shared their personal experiences with us to bring it to life. You are the most important people to us.

Asthma Australia is grateful to the following businesses for donating to our cause during this month

Asthma Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We rely on donations and funding to keep representing people with asthma, funding research and supplying evidenced based health support services and programs.