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“Surely someone out there has a plan to keep us safe from this.” 

That was the hope of Cherylleigh Partridge after her 19-year-old sister Courtney died from a bushfire smoke-induced asthma attack. Bushfire smoke blanketed their community of Glenn Innes, along with most of the eastern seaboard in 2019. They had no health warnings and no access to data to inform them about how dangerous the air was, especially if you have asthma. 

Despite recommendations for action in bushfire inquiries, people in NSW are still vulnerable to bushfire smoke and air quality disasters!  

We’re calling for all candidates in the NSW election to commit to funding the rollout of the AirSmart public education campaign and air quality app across NSW. We also call for investment to protect people against air pollution inside their homes. Because Courtney was inside her home when she died of a severe asthma attack.  

We are lobbying your local candidates and current Members of Parliament. You can help by adding your support behind this. Register your support for action on air quality by adding your name and your postcode above. We will contact your local current Member of Parliament and candidates on your behalf to let them know how important air quality action is to all people in NSW. 

What is AirSmart? 

AirSmart aims to educate and empower people by providing the information, tools and strategies needed to minimise or avoid exposure to unhealthy air. By doing so, AirSmart reduces the negative impacts of unhealthy air on people’s health, wellbeing and participation in society. A pilot AirSmart campaign in July and August 2022 that included southern NSW in the pilot sites demonstrated strong results. Find out more about AirSmart here: