Last updated on 30/01/2023


Dave Hunt was diagnosed with asthma as a child. Throughout his childhood and his teens Dave struggled to manage his asthma… Until one day he found a doctor who was willing to listen and was well versed in asthma management.  

“Once I started down that pathway, I felt I could do anything anyone else could do as long as I kept up with my asthma plan,” said Dave. 

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In 2016 Dave did exactly that. He wanted to hike to the Everest Base Camp so he and one of his brothers set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Dave says that “It was -20 at night in Nepal at the time and cold is a major trigger for my asthma.  But because I followed my asthma plan, I had no issues with breathing besides the normal lack of oxygen at those high altitudes.”  

Dave says that “after the birth of my first daughter I decided my next big challenge was to run a marathon. So, like the Everest Base Camp I signed up after very little research”.  

In June 2023 Dave intends to run the Brisbane Marathon and is currently in training for the big event. Dave’s asthma ranges from moderate to severe and he has ended up in hospital emergency rooms on many occasions. He knows the importance of exercise and ensuring that his asthma management plan is up to date. 

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Dave reminisces saying that “reaching Everest Base Camp has been his greatest achievement which set me up to have such a positive attitude towards life. If I can conquer that with lifelong asthma, then I can do anything I put my mind to and so I’m always reaching above what people think I am capable of and I love the journey.” 

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