Last updated on 07/01/2022


Attention! Are you booked in for a Spirometry test for your asthma? It may get cancelled

Spirometry tests measure your lung function and are an essential tool to help diagnose and treat asthma. Due to the nature of the test and equipment, many primary care facilities are currently cancelling or postposing scheduled tests due to the Omicron outbreak.

Specialist lung function clinics may have COVID safe plans in place for spirometry, yet they could be doing fewer tests. If you, or your family members have a spirometry test booked for the near future, please contact your care provider to ensure your appointment is still going ahead.

Asthma Australia encourages you to keep up with your health appointments and complete an asthma review in person or via telehealth with your doctor. This is especially important for children with asthma who require a care plan for their return to school.

For more information about COVID-19 and asthma, click here.