Asthma and COVID-19

NOTICE: OMICRON COVID-19 OUTBREAK – Disruption to spirometry services (7/1/2022)

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Asthma Australia seeks to find answers to the significant questions and challenges facing Australians with asthma.  

COVID-19 vaccine and asthma

Asthma Australia strongly supports the COVID-19 vaccination program being rolled out in Australia. People with asthma, including people with severe asthma, should feel confident about accessing these vaccines alongside other Australians.
Read more about the COVID-19 vaccine and asthma here.  View our COVID-19 vaccine and asthma FAQs here.


Impact of COVID-19 on Asthma Study

During the first outbreak of COVID-19, Asthma Australia sought to answer the question that was worrying many people with asthma and their families; am I more at risk of acquiring COVID-19? Should I self-isolate? And if I get it, will I die? Through our National Research Fund, Asthma Australia commissioned a study to look at the Impact of COVID-19 on Asthmacompleted by the George Institute for Global Health. View the full report here. 


Information and Resources

The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March 2020 due to its rapid spread throughout the world. Find more information below about the current COVID-19 situation in Australia and your local state or territory.
We know the asthma community has also faced significant uncertainties as to the outbreak in Australia unfolded. Find answers to your common concerns in the COVID-19 and asthma section.

  • For the latest information on COVID-19 from the Australian Government, click here
  • Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080
  • For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) resources in languages other than English, click here
  • CovidSafe app – allows you to be informed quickly if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The more people who download the app, the more successful it will be at stopping the spread and damage caused by the virus. Asthma Australia encourages people with asthma and their families to download the app. You can read the CovidSafe Privacy Policy before downloading the app.
  • Download the Australian Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) app here.
  • Relevant state and territory advice and updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), click on your relevant area below


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