Last updated on 19/04/2024


We spend a lot of time inside our homes and many of us may be unaware of the allergens and pollutants we live with. In fact, our Homes, Health and Asthma Report shows that 3 in 10 people get worse allergy and asthma symptoms while at home. With the cost of living stretching everyone’s dollar, it’s no surprise that cost is a major barrier to making homes healthier.

This is why we ran the 2023 Asthma Australia Healthy Homes Competition, giving away over $10,000 worth of appliances and products to improve home health for two lucky people – a person who is renting and a home owner. We’d like to thank our sponsors for providing these incredible prizes including Initial, Bing Lee, Dulux, White Magic, Sleep Solutions and The Good Guys.

We caught up with the lucky winner of the homeowners’ prize pack, Cleo, to talk about how the products have helped her family members with asthma and allergies be healthier at home.

Cleo says that the air purifiers from Initial, have been a game-changer, especially for her daughter’s severe allergies. Placing one in her daughter’s bedroom and another in the lounge has led to a drastic reduction in her symptoms, especially sneezing. “She’s no longer sneezing every day… and that’s been amazing,” Cleo said.

Cleo Flemming Asthma Week 2023 winner

The installation of a new air conditioner has helped keep indoor air clean for the whole family, eliminating the need for open windows and doors through summer months. This change has been particularly beneficial for Cleo’s husband and son, who both have asthma.

The family expects things to only get better, as they’ve recently had their brand-new induction cooktop installed, replacing a gas cooker.

healthy homes homeowner winner

“I am anticipating just not using gas anymore will make a big difference for my husband and son, so that’s fantastic.” Gas cookers produce emissions including particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide linked to asthma risk, especially in children. If you have one, be sure to ventilate by opening windows and using a range hood flued to the outside, and consider plans to switch to an electric option.

Aside from the big appliances, Cleo has been blown away by the White Magic Eco Cleaning Pack, which has made scrubbing glass shower screens a breeze without the harsh chemical smells.

healthy homeowner prize

“So they’re antibacterial, but they’re missing the chemicals,” Cleo told us. So impressed, she’s now a loyal White Magic fan, and has been inspired to stock up on their entire range.

As winter draws near, Cleo is excited for trying the Bambi Sleepwise bedding pack , holding high hopes for its potential to alleviate her son’s asthma symptoms during the colder months.

She explains that her son suffers significantly from asthma flare-ups during winter. “He has asthma, and he’s also someone who can really wrap himself up in his sleep.” Despite diligently using a preventer to manage his condition, Clio acknowledges that the winter chill makes his symptoms worse. She anticipates that the Bambi Sleepwise bedding pack will provide much-needed relief for him.

With the prizes from the Healthy Homes Competition, Cleo’s home has become a haven of comfort and a sanctuary of health for her family.

“I think overall it’s made our house a much better environment.”

Asthma Australia is thrilled to have made a positive impact on Cleo’s family. If you’re interested in learning more about home health and asthma, click here for our Healthy Home Guide for Renters or here for our Healthy Home Guide for Homeowners. You can also call our 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) phone service for free to talk more about your asthma, including what to look for in and around your home.