Kids health, what to do when a little one is sick

You may have recently attended an information session on how to care for your sick child, covering common childhood illnesses and local after-hours care options.

It can be scary to see a child unwell or in distress. These information sessions were designed to help you to recognise and understand some common symptoms in children and help you decide where to get the best care for kids when they need it. Here are some additional resources and information

Kids Health Booklet

The Kids Health Booklet below includes information covered in the session.

Kids Health Thumbnail

Download here

Kids Health Services Directories

Here is a list of health services in your area including those open After Hours. These directories cover a number of suburbs in the North and West areas of Melbourne, namely Broadmeadows and surrounds (Hume); Melton and surrounds (Melton) and Werribee and surrounds (Wyndham).

Download Hume directories (Broadmeadows and surrounds)

Download Melton directories (Melton and surrounds)

Download Wyndham directories (Werribee and surrounds)

Other Resources