Our Priorities

Asthma Australia is working to improve the lives of people with asthma

Our current priorities include:

  • Maximising individuals’ accessibility of and adherence to evidence-based treatments and medications for asthma
  • Providing the information, education, resources and tools individuals need, in the form that they need it
  • Addressing community safety
  • Mapping and building solutions within the systems that surround people with asthma
  • Improving current primary and secondary care systems and protocols
  • Addressing environmental triggers that affect asthma health with air quality our current area of focus
  • Investing in and influencing research that addresses our priority areas, answers our priority questions and is likely to contribute to tangible benefit for people with asthma

Asthma Australia is currently working on a reinvigorated National Asthma Research Program to generate improvements in the lives of people with asthma. This program has funded dozens of research projects around the country, helping to maintain focus and push the boundaries on the science and lived experience of asthma. Find out more about the current research programs.

We are also the leading consumer voice for asthma, and continually offer expertise to health and government bodies through submissions and policy statements. Find out more about our advocacy.

And Asthma Australia’s training program, for individuals, schools, workplaces and the wider community, helps to increase awareness and knowledge about asthma treatment and prevention. Find out more about our training programs.