Our Research Program

Asthma Australia has been working in partnership with state-based Asthma Foundations for more than 10 years, building on decades of work carried out by the individual Foundations, to establish the nationally renowned National Asthma Research Program.  Generous private and corporate donor support has enabled the growth and sustainability of this important program which has supported leading and emerging researchers across the country find solutions for people with asthma, their carers and the wider community.

The National Asthma Research Program, under the leadership of Asthma Australia, has resulted in significant contributions to clinical, basic science or population health research projects, strategic research priorities, as well as PhD Scholarships to promote emerging researchers in the field.

The National Asthma Research Program

In 2018-2019, after the merge of Asthma Australia and Foundations in SA, Vic and NSW, Asthma Australia undertook an internal evaluation and review of the National Research Program to determine the new strategic direction for the national organisation.

Within the new strategic framework, updated to align with the new Asthma Australia, we will reinforce emphasis on the strategic alignment of research priorities and take a dedicated approach to translation of results, so research outcomes tangibly lead to improvements in the lives of people with asthma across Australia.

This includes a focus on the following priority areas;

  • Research that focuses on primary and secondary prevention
  • Research, interventions and other methods of enquiry which seek to address the inequity of asthma impact on vulnerable groups in Australia.
  • Research or design and testing of models and systems which seek to address the systemic contributions to asthma health or illness.
  • Research which explores and minimises the impact of the changing environment on asthma health.
  • Influencing policy through the consolidation of our experience, insights and consultations with the wider research community.

Questions about the National Research Program can be directed to research@asthma.org.au