We led a research project to identify the top 10 asthma research priorities according to people with asthma, carers, healthcare professionals and policy makers, and create a National Asthma Research Agenda.

We wanted to know what really matters to people who live with asthma, who care for someone with asthma or who treat people with asthma so we can prioritise asthma research in a coordinated and structured way, ensuring we can collectively and positively impact the lives of people with asthma.

You told us your most important asthma research priorities were

Under each theme, there are specific questions you have told us you want answered.

You can read the full National Asthma Research Agenda report here or the summary report here.  To read the National Asthma Research Agenda publication in Respirology journal, click here.

What next and how to get involved:

We hope the National Asthma Research Agenda will influence research funding and policy decisions in Australia; support increased investment in and attention to priority issues identified by the end users of asthma research; and facilitate conversations about the necessary research investment to address these priorities.

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We look forward to working with research organisations and funding bodies across Australia to realise the potential of this important work.

If you are a researcher or healthcare professional and want to hear more about the project, or discuss how you can use these priorities, please contact research@asthma.org.au

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