Are you interested in volunteering or participating in asthma research to work towards a cure for asthma, early intervention or investigate new research?

Some research studies require human involvement. They can investigate the possible causes or treatments for asthma, the social or psychological aspects of the conditions or to improve how we deliver care. Some types of research that you could be involved in include;

  • Surveys – this could include answering questions by phone or online about your experience living with asthma, such as your diagnosis and management.
  • Observational research – this could include researchers tracking your health over time
  • Clinical trials – these can assist researchers to find out how different patients respond to treatments, while carefully monitoring the health and safety of the patients who volunteer. All new medical treatments for asthma must go through a clinical trial process.

Clinical research must be approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee before volunteers can be asked to participate. Asthma Australia won’t advertise or promote any research which has not been approved by an accredited ethics committee.

See below for current asthma related research studies which require volunteer participants. These studies are not conducted by Asthma Australia, to find out more about the research use the contact details associated with each study.

HealthMatch - Asthma Clinical Trials


HealthMatch is a for-profit social enterprise that applies sophisticated technology to structure clinical trial details and deliver a patient-centric clinical trial recruitment platform. HealthMatch’s mission is to dramatically accelerate patient recruitment to clinical trials, ultimately reducing the time to market for life-saving cures more than existing practices allow. HealthMatch have over 10,000 users across over 300 condition areas. For asthma-related areas, HealthMatch has several current trials and 190 users, growing daily.

Asthma Australia has partnered with HealthMatch to provide members with easy access to the latest clinical trials being conducted throughout Australia.

Find out more about Asthma Clinical Trials 

Engage with medical researchers: Join the Consumer Buddy Program

Have you been diagnosed with asthma, or are you a carer? You can share your experiences and knowledge with scientists to enhance medical research through the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s Consumer Buddy Program.

Consumers can have valuable knowledge of the practical, social, physical and emotional effects of the medical condition on themselves, their families and friends and/or on the broader community, says Ms Katya Gray, Institute Consumer Coordinator.

“Consumers involved in the program provide a link between the researcher and the community as well as providing insight into that disease type. They are partnered with a researcher in the area of their interest, or a project relating to their own medical condition,” Ms Gray says.

“Involvement of Consumers can influence and enhance research at the Institute and provide a powerful voice for the communication of scientific and research issues to the community.”

Consumers do not need a science background, the time commitment is online and flexible, and the Institute provides all training.

At present consumers will meet with researchers remotely (online) due to social distancing safety restrictions.

To learn more about joining the Consumer Buddy Program, contact Ms Katya Gray, Institute Consumer Coordinator: Tel: 03 9345 2981 or 0408 525 122, email: or visit

Calling on community members to help make a difference to the health of Australians!

The George Institute Australia is looking for people who are interested in helping us shape the direction of our research to maximise the benefits for our society.

To do this we are forming a new Consumer and Community Advisory Committee.

At The George Institute, we value the knowledge and experience that people who use health care services bring to health research. We are therefore looking to work more closely with community members to ensure our research is most relevant to people in those communities and that it makes a real difference to their lives.

The key role of Committee members is to contribute their knowledge and experience by providing consumer, carer and community perspectives on, and input into, the health research and development work at The George Institute, Australia. The attached document provides further information about this opportunity.

Together we can make even more of a difference!

Thank you for your time in considering this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from all who are interested.

Download Expression of Interest form here

Understanding children’s and parents’ experiences and needs after a child is diagnosed and treated for a chronic illness

Having a child diagnosed with Asthma or other chronic conditions can be worrying for parents everywhere and health care teams can differ in the way they support families. Families can have many supportive, practical, and informational needs and sometimes these needs are not met. However, there is limited information on the unmet support needs of child with a chronic illness and their families, including families of children with Asthma.

This study aims to understand the experiences and unmet needs of children living with Asthma or other chronic diseases & their parents.

Participants are invited to complete an online survey. The survey contains some questions about the child’s illness and treatment and how they are going now. Some sections of the survey ask about parents’ experiences including questions about how they are going and about support needs they, their child or other family members may have. There is also space for participants to indicate what they think could be done to assist parents and children.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

This study has been approved by the Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee. Reference number: HEAG-H53_2020

Complete the survey here

For more information contact Sangeetha Thomas, PhD Research Scholar, School of Psychology, Deakin University at her email or via Telephone 0416 543 605

Healthy volunteers required in study for new asthma treatment

Have you ever wanted to help someone with Asthma? If you are living in Brisbane and reasonably healthy, you can help by taking part in a clinical study.

Nucleus Network is trailing a potential new treatment for severe uncontrolled asthma. The study drug can inhibit one of the key cell types involved in the inflammatory process which causes asthma. So, the treatment may improve both asthma control and prevent asthma attack.

At this stage, the trial is designed to investigate how the study drug is metabolized in healthy participants who do not suffer from asthma.

Potential participants will be phone screened before attending a screening visit, during which you will be interviewed by a doctor. Once this interview is completed, and with consent, you will receive several tests to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will then spend six consecutive days & nights at our clinic, with ten follow-up visits.

You can register your interest here: or call 1800 243 733

This study has been approved by the Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee approval number: 2021-04-355