Are you interested in volunteering or participating in asthma research to work towards a cure for asthma, early intervention or investigate new research?

Some research studies require human involvement. They can investigate the possible causes or treatments for asthma, the social or psychological aspects of the conditions or to improve how we deliver care. Some types of research that you could be involved in include;

  • Surveys – this could include answering questions by phone or online about your experience living with asthma, such as your diagnosis and management.
  • Observational research – this could include researchers tracking your health over time
  • Clinical trials – these can assist researchers to find out how different patients respond to treatments, while carefully monitoring the health and safety of the patients who volunteer. All new medical treatments for asthma must go through a clinical trial process.

Clinical research must be approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee before volunteers can be asked to participate. Asthma Australia won’t advertise or promote any research which has not been approved by an accredited ethics committee.