Asthma Australia is dedicated to contributing to vital asthma research to realise our vision of a world without asthma

We support research into the causes, prevention and treatments for asthma.

We hope Asthma Australia supported research will lead us to a time where primary preventative measures for asthma are well-known and are routinely adopted by the health industry and policy makers alike.

We want those living with asthma to be empowered with the best tools to manage their condition based on individual needs. While uncontrollable environmental triggers may still exist, we want people living with asthma to have adequate support, resources and information to manage them more easily. We have come a long way in our understanding and management of asthma thanks to the work of outstanding researchers.

Only fifty years ago there was little known about asthma and some even believed it was the consequence of overprotective parenting. Additionally, in the 1960s there were very few drugs available to manage asthma, and they had many unwanted side-effects. We now have a strong understanding of the underlying elements of asthma, best practice models of care and a vast array of medications and tools to manage asthma and associated conditions.

However, there is still a long way to go to reduce the impact of asthma on both Australians, the healthcare system and society in general. Read more about the impact of asthma on Australians here. Asthma Australia will continue to be a catalyst for high quality research that makes a difference in the lives of people living with asthma.

We can and we must support asthma research to accelerate our understanding of asthma and to work towards better treatment, prevention and a cure. We can all be involved in creating a community free from asthma. Asthma Australia has reimagined its historic research program design, expanding it to include many forms of investigation, including data and environmental studies.

We’re also working on social innovation, including human centred co-design, to take a new lead. Working in collaboration, our strategic research program is investigating prevention, models of care and translational research into asthma. We want to cut the number of avoidable hospital presentations to half its current rate by 2030, while helping to make life better for people with asthma. This is the goal of our strategic research strategy.

And it’s not all about research. Asthma Australia’s Research, Policy and Advocacy team collect and manage data and keep up with the latest in population health outcomes. We’re constantly sharpening our analysis of the asthma environment. We make sure our own programs and services are achieving what we set out to achieve, through evaluations and continuous quality improvement.

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