Country SA PHN (CSA PHN) has funded Asthma Australia (AA) until June 2024 to replicate a project that they funded in the Mid North on the southern Yorke Peninsula.

The Asthma Community Connector, Yorke Peninsula (ACC YP) project has grown from a highly successful pilot in Peterborough, Jamestown and Orroroo where community members determined what they felt would help them to ‘breathe better in the Mid North’.  

A new service was established: an Asthma Community Connector (ACC) who is a person with asthma and trained by Asthma Australia as a local Asthma Educator to help people with breathing problems understand and manage their condition.  

You can contact the Yorke Asthma Community Connector:

Kerry Goldsworthy

Available Wednesdays from 10am – 1pm 
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month:
Community Care and Transport Office 18 Fourth Street
Minlaton SA 55752nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
SYP Community Hub
33 Stansbury Road
Yorketown SA 5576Email Kerry
0498 073 899


The southern Yorke Peninsula towns of Minlaton, Yorketown and their surrounds have been chosen as a similar community to the Mid North with high asthma prevalence at above 18% and hospitalisations higher than the national average. Barley is a major crop which like the wheat in Mid North creates problems for people with asthma and allergy. We believe that like the Mid North, there will be many people who have poor quality of life due to allergies and breathing issues but do not seek medical care, because they do not identify their condition as asthma.  

The community also has many of the same issues as the Mid North. An older age group, as people come to the York Peninsula to retire in the beautiful scenery. However, services are limited, and access can be difficult with internet also problematic. GP services in the region are also limited.  

The ACC YP project aims to not only, help people ‘breathe better on Yorkes’, but also understand more about their condition and how to manage it, and create an Asthma Smart Community where everyone knows about asthma and how to support people in an emergency.  

If you are interested in the project, would like more information or live on southern Yorke Peninsula and would like to be involved, please contact Michelle Davis, Projects and Partnerships Officer, Asthma Australia, on or 0481 172 911 


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