What is The COACH Program®?

The COACH Program® is a confidential, free health service delivered over the phone by trained Asthma Australia Coaches. The program aims to help people with asthma, improve their general health and asthma control. We would like to acknowledge the support from the Australian Government Department of Health, and State Government departments of NSW Health, Queensland Health, ACT Health and Tasmanian Department of Health.

How does it work?

The COACH Program® runs for up to six months, with regular scheduled calls. Your Coach will contact you by phone, at a prearranged time. At the end of each session your Coach will send you a letter summarising the key points of your discussion, any recommendations and the time for your next appointment. Any health care professionals nominated by you will also receive a copy of the letter. All your information is confidential and will not be shared without your consent. You are free to withdraw from the program at any stage.

What does an Asthma Coach do?

Your Asthma Coach will support you by:

  • understanding your health needs and providing you with personalised information tailored to your lifestyle
  • identifying gaps in your treatment and recommending a plan to align with National Asthma Council Australia. The Australian Asthma Handbook (2019) and other evidence based sources
  • working with you to set goals to achieve good asthma control
  • offering regular support with the same Asthma Coach each time; you can also contact your Asthma Coach in between sessions if you have any questions or would like further information.
  • complementing your existing GP and/or specialist asthma care

Asthma Australia staff have been supporting people with asthma for more than 50 years.  Almost three in four people who undertook The COACH Program® showed an improvement in their asthma control.

Our Coaches

A large part of the success of The COACH Program® is our dedicated national Asthma Coaches. Here’s some of their thoughts on the program and why they feel it’s so important for people with asthma.

“I find my role as an Asthma Coach incredibly rewarding. It is such a joy to witness people’s small triumphs as I accompany them on their journey towards good health, happiness and the ability to live life to the full.”- Clara


COACH is proving a great success in having a measurable impact in helping people with asthma to improve their general health and asthma control. But don’t take our word for it. Read what patients and Health Professionals have to say about The COACH Program®.

“I recently had my first COACH session. I really enjoyed the session and found the hour went extremely quickly! I was very impressed by the comprehensive assessment my Asthma Coach provided and look forward to my next session.” Brian Martin – Program patient

“I think the COACH Program is fantastic. I love the correspondence patients receive and I find I’m even learning from the sessions. Thank you for delivering such a great asthma support program.” Diana Whitehouse – Respiratory Nurse, Country Health SA Local Health Network

I was very pleased to receive a detailed report and to be kept informed of the Asthma Coach’s medical/psycho/social assessment of my client. I was impressed by the Asthma Coach’s sufficient concern for my client’s welfare to reach out and make contact to ensure that I was aware of her current level of functioning. Treating psychologists are often not considered when information is exchanged about clients, so the patient report I received from the Asthma Coach was very welcomed!Penny Mount – Clinical Psychologist

As a thoracic physician in a specialist teaching hospital centre, asthma is a common problem which I manage. One of my patients was recently diagnosed with adult onset asthma during work up for a separate lung condition. After making contact with the Asthma Australia SA Branch, she was introduced to the COACH program.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the updates provided to me with my patient’s progress. This program addresses many key issues including puffer technique, asthma control and quality of life scores, concurrent illnesses, and the importance of nutrition and exercise. In addition, the psychosocial support provided to my patient as she gained a greater understanding of her illness has been invaluable.

 I have been thoroughly impressed with the COACH program and the strong role it has played in managing my patient’s Asthma control. Her confidence has increased markedly in line with her knowledge of the disease. It is certainly a valuable component of Asthma Australia’s resources and I will be sure to refer future patients I see.Dr Phan Nguyen – Thoracic Physician, Department of Thoracic Medicine – The Royal Adelaide Hospital

If you’d like to learn how you can breathe better with asthma, call our Asthma Educators on 1800 ASTHMA and ask about  The COACH Program® or ask your health care professional for a referral.