Relievers are fast-acting medications that reduce asthma symptoms quickly. They relax the muscles around the outside of the airways. Relievers start to work within minutes and can last for up to four hours.

Everyone with asthma should have a reliever medicine handy so they can use it whenever they experience asthma symptoms. If you find you need to use your reliever more than two days per week (other than before exercise) your asthma may not be well controlled and you should see your doctor.

This type of medicine is also used in asthma first aid. You should carry your reliever medicine at all times in case of asthma symptoms.


Airomir reliever


Asmol Reliever


Bricanyl Turbohaler Reliever


Ventolin Reliever

Possible side effects include increased heart rate and shaking hands. These side effects generally pass quickly, using a reliever with a spacer can help to reduce these side effects.