This year, we’re diving deep into the theme of empowerment through education.  

Asthma affects many Aussies, and we think knowing more about it is important. Learning about what can cause asthma flare-ups, what the signs are, and how to treat it can give people with asthma more control over their health and help them live better lives.

This World Asthma Day, we encourage you to learn more about the condition that impacts nearly 2.8 million Australians.

Get Involved

At Work – Educate and Donate at your Workplace


Give A Tenner to Breathe Better

Show your support at work and start a conversation to raise awareness and funds for asthma and its impact on so many Aussie lives. 1 in 9 of your colleagues and two-thirds of people you know are impacted by asthma in some way.  Use our helpful fundraising assets, educational presentation and email copy below to get started. 

  • Email copy to get you started  
  • A visual presentation to educate and empower your colleagues 
  • Educational social media assets for you to share with your social media community or on your staff chat, including social tiles and social stories. 

Download Resources

Share the World Asthma Day campaign ‘Give a tenner to breathe better’ fundraising message. By spreading the word, you can help educate others about the challenges faced by people with asthma and the importance of the support of our communities.

At School

Free Dress Day for asthma in May (or whenever suits your calendar!) 

This May, in honour of World Asthma Day, we need your help  to make a real impact. Show your support for students all over the country living with asthma by encouraging schools and groups in your community to participate in a Free Dress Day for Asthma in May! 

Hosting a Free Dress Day for Asthma in May is not just about encouraging individuality, it’s also about raising crucial awareness and funds for asthma in Australia. 

Why? Because nearly half of the 39,000 people hospitalised with asthma annually are kids under 15. Together, we can make a difference for the nearly 2.8 million Aussies living with asthma. 

Invite schools and socials groups in your community to hold a Free Dress Day for Asthma in May. You can print this handy flyer to share with them. 

Invite Your School

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At Home

Give A Tenner to Breathe Better

World Asthma Day is a time when we shine a light on a condition that is often dismissed – asthma. Asthma is serious.  

I don’t want people dying from asthma”said Julie who lost her son Matthew (34) to asthma.  

Asthma is one of the most common chronic non-communicable diseases globally, impacting over 260 million individuals annually and contributing to over 450,000 deaths worldwide each year. In Australia, we have one of the highest asthma rates among developed countries, affecting nearly 2.8 million of us. 

Sadly, most of these deaths are preventable.  

The good news is you can help to take action to change this. You can make a difference by giving a tenner so everyone can breathe better. 

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