Asthma Australia has partnered with Reed Medical Education to create free accredited asthma education for GPs and other health professionals. View more via the link below and download course flyer here.


“I’ve learned that the more educated patients are about their condition, the less attacks and more progress they will have”

“I couldn’t find a single comprehensive resource to study Asthma in a structured way before I did these modules”

“This program helped me to understand asthma treatment is more than just inhaler therapy”

“Now I know where the patients can get apps and websites to educate them more”

“Will encourage other practitioners to take these modules”  

ThinkGP Asthma Education - Asthma in Australia: Practical Solutions for challenges in primary care

Think GP Asthma Education

Available on Think GP is the Asthma in Australia: Practical Solutions for challenges in primary care Accredited Learning Module (ALM).

There are six modules which are available as one Accredited Learning Module (ALM) and six individual modules, covering:

  1. Introduction: Asthma basics
  2. Partnering with your patients
  3. Adjusting treatment and encouraging adherence
  4. Preventative care to the stop asthma flares
  5. Paediatric asthma
  6. Severe asthma

This ALM explores the impact of asthma for patients, and common challenges to providing optimal care in primary practice. Based on current Australian guidelines, the ALM covers best practice diagnostic and management principles, strategies for preventive care and reducing the risk of hospitalisation, and real-world tips for making the most of your consultation time with a patient.

Patient case studies and downloadable resources are included throughout the ALM, as well as information on ways to tailor treatment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and for culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Accreditation information:

These activities are accredited for general practitioners with both the RACGP CPD program and the ACRRM PDP program. The ALM is an accredited CPD activity worth 40 RACGP CPD points or 6 ACRRM PDP hours. 1-hr modules completed outside of the ALM are worth 2 RACGP CPD points or 1 ACRRM PDP hour each. For nurses and other professions, you may be able to self-claim this activity via your CPD governing body.

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Cost: Free

Asthma Conference - Find out more

The next Asthma Conference will be held in 2021.

The 2021 Asthma Conference: Shifting The Dial On Asthma seeks to reinvigorate our efforts for a world without asthma.

We know how to help – and you are part of our solution. Together, we can shift the dial on asthma treatment and prevention.

Join us at The Asthma Conference: Shifting the dial on asthma.

Pre-Registration is now open. Program and speaker information will be available soon.

To register your interest, please click here.

Australian Asthma Handbook - Find out more

The National Asthma Council's Australian Asthma Handbook provides best-practice, evidence-based guidance translated into practical advice for primary care health professionals.

It outlines the national guidelines for asthma and its management. The handbook is developed and published by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Click here to access it online now.

In March 2019 some important changes were made to the handbook - see what those updated asthma guidelines mean in our guide here.


Severe Asthma Toolkit - Find out more

This website provides in-depth information specifically on severe asthma, diagnosis, management and medications. Click here to learn more about severe asthma.

The toolkit is generated by the Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma.