Despite popular beliefs, foods are not a common trigger for asthma. Some people with asthma may feel like they get symptoms when having specific foods.  

In some cases, it may be sensitivity to certain food chemicals such as sulphites. For example, when used as a preservative in wine and beer, it has been noted to trigger asthma symptoms. If this happens to you and you believe it triggers your asthma, talk to your doctor about further tests or ask for a referral to an allergy specialist. 

Sometimes food can be a trigger for asthma symptoms because of its temperature. It’s common to hear of people with asthma who avoid icy cold drinks or food.  

Many people raise concerns about dairy and asthma, but there is little evidence to support the idea that milk, yoghurt and cheese can trigger asthma or cause an increase in mucus. In fact, most kids benefit from dairy foods to make sure they get their required amount of calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Read our previous blog on how dairy is important for kids, especially those with asthma here. 

For all people, a varied diet including vegetables and fruits is the best way to maintain overall asthma health. 


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