Asthma Education Courses

Asthma Australia provides quality eduation to the public and health professionals. We have developed asthma related education, incorporating the latest information and best practice asthma management information.

We are no longer delivering nationally accredited training. If you are looking for accredited asthma training please visit:

If you have any questions please contact us on 03 9086 7850 or email us.

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Spirometry Education

This online spirometry education course is designed to give participants a solid theoretical foundation in how to perform quality spirometry to international best practice standards to optimise asthma diagnosis and management.

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ThinkGP Asthma Education – Asthma in Australia: Practical Solutions for challenges in primary care

This online is a set of modules which will guide you through a range of asthma management topics with a strong patient education focus.

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Providing personalised care for people with asthma

General practitioner A/Prof Christopher Pearce outlines how GPs can personalise asthma care to best suit each person's circumstances, and discusses the role of self-management and how to communicate effectively with patients including young children.

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Asthma in Australia: Practical solutions for challenges in primary care

Based on current Australian guidelines, this activity covers best practice diagnostic and management principles for asthma, strategies for preventative care and reducing the risk of hospitalisation, and real-world tips for making the most of your consultation time with a patient.

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Working together with patients to improve asthma management

Julia Ovens, an HR professional living with asthma, describes her experience living with asthma and discusses the ways medical practitioners can develop a more patient-centric approach to asthma management.

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Asthma First Aid for Schools – Online

This free training package is available for all school staff and completed online.

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Asthma First Aid for Sport Clubs – Online

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Asthma First Aid for Workplaces – Online

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Thunderstorm Asthma – Online

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