Through the National Asthma Research Program, we are currently supporting 10 projects across the country aimed at improving the lives of people with asthma.


These projects are:

Researcher Institution Project
Prof Peter Gibson and Prof Phil Hasbro Hunter Medical Research Institute University of Newcastle To investigate ‘The pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar 13 as a new asthma therapy’ View a Youtube video here.
Mr Simon Forsyth University of Queensland Understanding asthma related mortality in ex-prisoners
Yuxiu Xia University of Melbourne It’s time for new inhaled drugs to improve control of severe asthma
Prof John Upham Translation Research Institute University of Queensland To investigate improving asthma through lifestyle interventions: how much exercise is best? Watch an interview with Prof Upham here.
Gabrielle MCallum Menzies School of Health Research Improving asthma education for Indigenous populations through a culturally appropriate mobile application (app)
Nathan Bartlett The University of Newcastle Novel epithelial targets and targeting strategies to prevent asthma exacerbations
Paul Robinson Kids Research Institute Home based monitoring with Forced Oscillation in school aged children with asthma
Vanessa Murphy The University of Newcastle Maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy and adverse respiratory outcomes in high risk infants.
Dr Brian Smith Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide Reasons for hospital admissions for asthma in South Australia vs other states
Professor Janet Davies QUT Action research evaluating the effectiveness of Australian wide pollen monitoring and forecasting system and potential to improve health outcomes

Asthma Australia believes strongly in supporting up-and-coming and new researchers who are studying asthma and linked conditions.

Many leading global researchers got their start with a National Asthma Research program scholarship or grant. We are proud to continue this tradition.

We support several PhD Scholarships and travel grants including:

Researcher Institution Project
Niamh Troy Telethon Kids Institute Discovering the immune-inflammatory gene networks underlying the epithelial response to human rhinovirus in children with asthma
Nicolas Borchers University of Tasmania Development of an integrated assessment framework that will allow practitioners to objectively evaluate the impacts that wildfire risk reduction strategies impose on society and the environment.