On Thursday, May 6, Asthma Australia helped launch groundbreaking new report by the Climate Council called ‘Kicking the Gas Habit: How Gas is Harming our Health’.

Gas cooking has been compared to smoking indoors

Evidence provided in a report from the Climate Council has found the effect of gas cooking in the home is comparable to the effect of smoking indoors on childhood asthma and is estimated to be responsible for up to 12 percent of the childhood asthma burden in Australia.  This is comparable to an analysis of childhood asthma and household smoking, where the incidence of childhood asthma is between 14-30% more likely.  

Gas cooktops and heaters are known to produce contaminants that increase the risk of childhood asthma: in particular, nitrogen dioxide and certain forms of particulate matter, like PM2.5. These substances are invisible and mostly odourless, making them hard to detect or recognise as a threat to human health. 

Climate Council Gas Report

The ‘Kicking the Gas Habit’ report details how gas extraction and consumption is directly impacting the health of Australians today and driving climate change. 

This Report makes recommendations to help: 

  1. Transition Australia out of gas production; 
  2. Families, schools, and workplaces move off gas; and 
  3. Improve gas safety in Australia. 

In addition to detailing the health impacts of household gas use, the Report reveals that gas extraction and processing involves many hazardous substances including those that may cause cancer, interfere with hormones and trigger asthma. Gas development can contaminate the local environment through airborne pollution and wastewater.   

Asthma Australia supports the switch to cleaner, healthier sources of household energy that do not contribute to the burden of asthma, create other unnecessary health risks or contaminate the environment. We want to see better education on air pollution in our community and support for people to protect themselves from its negative impacts.  

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Climate Council

Asthma Australia is proud to support the Climate Council ‘Kicking the Gas Habit: How Gas is Harming our Health – 2021” Report.