An Autohaler is an L-shaped inhaler that works automatically when you start to breathe in. It is also known as ‘breath activated’. This means you don’t need to squeeze the device and worry about getting the timing right like you do with a puffer.  

When using a Autohaler puffer, inhale the medicine slowly and deeply. Remember to continue to breathe in after you hear the ‘click’. 

How to look after an Autohaler 

  • Remove canister and rinse the mouthpiece in warm water as per manufacturer’s instructions (Airomir only – do not wash Qvar). 
  • Leave to air dry, then replace the mouthpiece cover. 
  • Do not push anything into the mouthpiece as this may cause damage. 
  • Autohalers are not compatible with spacers. Don’t try to use Autohaler with spacer device. 

How can I tell when the Autohaler is empty? 

  • Load the Autohaler by holding it upright and lifting up the grey lever. 
  • There is a small sliding lever on the bottom of the Autohaler. Slide the lever across- this activates a puff. 
  • If the Autohaler does not fire any medicine, it is empty.