• Spiriva_respimatRespimat is the device that delivers an add-on asthma medicine called Spiriva.  
  • The device works by pressing the dose button at the same time as taking a slow and deep breath in.  
  • This inhaler casing can be reused up to 5 times, so ask your pharmacist to show you how to load and remove the cartridge. 

How to look after a Respimat 

  • Before first use, ask your pharmacist to load the cartridge for you and supervise you loading your own device. 
  • Always keep it dry and closed when not in use. The outer case of the Respimat can now be re-used up to 5 times. 
  • Avoid breathing into the Respimat. 
  • Clean at least once a week by wiping the mouthpiece – including the metal part inside the mouthpiece – with a clean, damp cloth or tissue only. 
  • Do not remove the metal cartridge until it’s empty. 
  • Do not shake.

How can I tell when a Respimat is empty?  

There are 60 puffs (30 doses) of medication in a Respimat. The Respimat device has a dose counter which indicates exactly how many doses remain in the device.   

The Respimat also has a device tracking indicator so you know how many times you’ve reloaded your device and when you will need a new casing.