A Spiromax is an L-shaped, dry powder inhaler. A dose is loaded when you open the mouthpiece cover until it ‘clicks’.  

You need to be able to breathe in strongly and deeply so it’s not suitable for young children. 

How to look after a Spiromax 

  • Even though it looks like a ‘puffer’, it is a dry powder inhaler, and to use it the steps are different. There is no need to shake the device before use.  
  • It is important that you swing down the mouthpiece cap until you hear it click. Do not try to remove the cap – it is manufactured to remain in place and works by loading the dose when it clicks.  
  • Do not open and close the cap unless intending to take a dose.  
  • Do not block the vents in the front of the device during use.  
  • Keep in a cool, dry place, with the mouthpiece cover firmly in place.  
  • Never wash the device. Always keep it clean and dry.  
  • You can wipe the device after use with a dry cloth or tissue. 

How can I tell when a Spiromax is empty?  

  • The indicator on the side of the device will indicate ‘0’ when empty. It’s important to note the doses as you use the device before it gets to zero.  
  • The mouthpiece cover will still click even when the Spiromax is empty.