Enerzair Breezhaler

To use a Breezhaler, you insert a capsule of medicine which is then pierced and inhaled.  

You need to inhale this medicine quickly and steadily. 

How to care for your Breezhaler device 

Follow the instructions on the user information about how to clean the device.  

  • Wipe the device with a dry lint-free cloth inside and out.  
  • Never wash a Breezhaler in water.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from moisture. 

Breezhaler notes

  • Only use the capsules provided in the pack with the inhaler.  
  • Keep capsules in the blister until you need them.
  • Peel the blister back to retrieve the capsule. Do not push the capsule through the blister.
  • Pierce each capsule once only.

When do I need to replace the Breezhaler?  

You need to replace the Breezhaler when all of the capsules have been used.